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Careful planning, combined with agile execution is the key to successful film production.
FilmSharp makes that process faster, easier, and more fun than ever.

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Planning a film production is difficult, pain-staking work. But it is also essential to its success. As budgets get reduced, productions need to be cost-efficient, reduce pre-production time, and have the ability to react instantly to any unforeseen changes. Combining efficient planning with creative agility is what FilmSharp lets you achieve.

Smart Production Planning

FilmSharp is a platform of smart and intuitive tools.

Automatic script breakdowns, intuitive shot lists, optimised scheduling and budgets, interactive call sheets, intelligent production reports. Just work the way you're used to and FilmSharp will intelligently assist you along the way.

Unlike other production management software, FilmSharp is not a monolithic app with a steep learning curve. You do not need to learn an entire new process and spend hours importing data. Just use the tools you need, and let FilmSharp do its magic.

We use data science and AI to streamline and automate as much of the production planning and management as you're comfortable with, freeing up your time to concentrate on creative matters.

Best of all, FilmSharp not only reduces pre-production time, but also makes it fun.

Be Smart, Be Sharp
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